The Unexpected Joy of Raising an Autistic Playwright

More Than You Hoped For Book

This book is the story of one family’s difficult journey with autism.  It exemplifies the spiritual journey to awakening that each of us has the chance to make during these times of global transition.

Jaison Hart
This spiritual memoir is the tender portrayal of a journey to live a conscious life, even when faced with a difficult challenge like raising a son who isn’t learning to speak This is not merely the story of how Sharon tries to help her autistic son to function; it is the story of how the child’s presence in her life propels her to make a quantum leap in spiritual realization and realize that joy is not dependent on external circumstances. It’s also the story of how she peeks under the mask of autism until she sees the magnificence of his soul.

The book is also the story of how, despite Jaison’s inability to speak with his mouth; he learns to express his own soul’s gift by typing. Sharon tells story after story about what happened in their lives, and then Jaison’s words appear revealing a deeper level of truth. When Jaison becomes a teenager, he writes a play, and the lyrics for a song, one letter at a time. “Dreams of an Autistic Playwright” tells the story of his lonely life at home and his dream life with a princess, a mermaid, a genie, and ogre and a wizard, who advise him about how to make friends and meet a girl. Jaison has a brilliant gift for expressing how the autistic mind works and his imagination inspires a community to see autism differently. This is the story of how, despite autism, lives can flourish and blossom and become “More Than You Hoped For.”


Why read this book?

This book is timely because many of us today are facing challenging life situations brought on by waves of global change. We want to know how to find courage, hope, peace and strength even when life gets tough. Spiritual wisdom overflows from the pages of this book. As you read the book, you will gain insight into how to transform adversity into an opportunity to connect to Oneness.

Co-Author Sharon Hart

Sharon Hart, M.A. has a phenomenal gift for encouraging her clients/students to perceive the world from a place of inner peace, freedom, and joy–no matter what is happening in their lives. Sharon received her post-graduate degree in transpersonal psychotherapy, and is currently a  spiritual mentor, an author, and the founder of Quantum Dialogue Works TM (QDW).

Quantum Dialogue Works is a new way to clear emotional blocks that prevent you from living life in Oneness. When you are overwhelmed, it makes it much easier to move forward, make the changes you want to make and sustain spiritual awakening in your daily life. (see her bio)

Co-Author Jaison Hart

Jaison Hart is an autistic playwright and a shy young man with an enormous heart of compassion, and a brilliant mind. Although he cannot speak with his mouth, he began typing to communicate his thoughts, ideas and feelings when he was 10 years old. He began typing the play when he was 15 one letter at a time.

At fifteen, he began to write Dreams of An Autistic Playwright in hopes of sharing his message of love through his favorite medium: theater. His dream was to create a fun and uplifting play, through which he could educate the public about autism. His deeper purpose was to bring TRUE friends into his life.

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